The artist Katharina Struber and architect Klaus Gruber comprise the struber_gruber collaborative. Since 2012, they have been steadily involved in producing architecture-related works within the context of a confrontation with space-shaping social, historical, and political aspects. Through a participative approach, they often include the protagonists within these spaces in the creation of the works.

Klaus Gruber studied architecture in Vienna and Barcelona and in the context of his freelance work was involved mainly in residential building in Barcelona for thirteen years. Since 2012 the focus of his work has been in Vienna.

Katharina Struber studied at the University of Art and Design Linz and the Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf. She lives and works in Vienna. Her confrontation with social processes in urban public space is reflected in a broadly diversified palette of artistic techniques.


Waldniel Memorial Site– Commemorative wall and two sphere sculptures
Waldniel Memorial Site – commemorative wall and two sphere sculptures